‘The Purge’ TV Show Won’t Feature A Purge


The Purge franchise has so much potential ever since the first film was announced, and it has never come close to reaching it. For as clever as the premise is, director/writer James DeMonaco seems much more focused on the mindless violence and brutality than he does on the repercussions of said Purges.

Looking back at the series so far, the first film was a home-invasion film, held back by its budget and amateurish writing. And while The Purge: Anarchy expanded a ton and even hinted at a rebellion against the “holiday”, The Purge: Election Year shit the bed, being way too ham-fisted and, frankly, stupid, for its own good. Glorifying the stupid people and their actions over what drives them to reach that point has been a problem with this series, but this new show might be fixing that.

DeMonaco, when discussing the upcoming television show, said that it will not follow a night (or nights) of Purging but instead…

“It will reveal to the fans what happens the other 364 days of the year and how that law affects people.”


Sounds good to me. On the other hand, one would have to suspect the show will air on NBC, given the property is under NBCUniversal, which throws up some red flags. Basic cable shows are nowhere near the stature of shows on HBO, Showtime or Netflix, to name a few. Either way, I’m interested in seeing where this thing ends up going, if only just to see a different angle on this interesting concept.

The Purge television show is set to air sometime in 2018.



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