Sony’s ‘The Emoji Movie’ Set For Stint At Cannes Film Festival Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore


Because nothing matters anymore, Sony has set a pre-Cannes event for The Emoji Movie, where they’ll presumably showcase some footage. Deadline reports that one of the film’s stars, T.J. Miller, is set to be present at the event, promoting the film. Not that I’m in any position to comment on his acting choices, but he surely could’ve found something (much) better to be working on. Same goes for Patrick Stewart, who plays literal shit in this soon-to-be masterpiece. But then again, $$$.

As odd as this might sound to present footage from this film at a venue such as Cannes, Sony did something similar last year with The Angry Birds Movie and it ended up helping them spread awareness for the film. Granted, that film was in the final stages of its marketing and it too felt totally out of place at the festival.

Here’s to hoping that, despite the fact that it’s clearly a cash-grab, The Emoji Movie is something similar in quality to The Lego Movie, but I seriously doubt it. I guess we’ll have a better idea tomorrow when they release a new trailer for the film.

The Emoji Movie arrives in theaters on July 28th.


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