Netflix Releases New ‘Okja’ Poster Ahead of Cannes Debut


Right before its debut at the Cannes Film Festival this upcoming week, Netflix has released a poster for their film, Okja. From visionary director Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer), the film follows a young girl named Mija who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend — a massive animal named Okja. The film starts Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano, among others.

Here’s the poster.


Having only seen Snowpiercer from Bong Joon Ho, I’m not quite sure what to expect from this one. Everything I’ve seen from it so far looks insane, from the set-photos to the very cryptic teaser. Honestly, despite knowing very little, I’m totally sold, if only because of the behind-the-scenes photos of Jake Gyllenhaal (one of which I’ve graciously posted below). We’ll see how it plays at Cannes and figure out if it’s something we should check out later this summer, or if we’re better off watching something else (probably not).

Here’s that picture of Jake Gyllenhaal I promised to share.


Okja starts streaming on Netflix starting June 28th.


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