New Trailer For Extended Cut of ‘Suicide Squad’ Has Been Released


A new (and presumably leaked) trailer for the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad has been released and, like every other time a new bit of marketing comes up, it upsets me that some of these scenes didn’t actually make it into the final cut.

Here’s the new trailer below.

I was a fan of the film, it just wasn’t the dark and twisted film we all expected and were promised early on. Many scenes were taken out due to the backlash Warner Bros. received for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  being “too dark” (bad mistake). Because of this, many of Jared Leto‘s scenes were cut from the theatrical version, some of which showed a more abusive relationship between his character and Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn. This pisses me off.

If there’s anything that bugged me about the story (besides the editing), it was that Harley Quinn, who seemed like the main headliner along with Will Smith, had no real arc for her character. With the studio notes, they ended up turning a traditionally abusive relationship from the comics into an oddly likable one to appease to people who might be offended by it (another bad mistake). So hopefully this new cut, which is said to have about 11 more minutes of footage, puts some of that subplot back in the film, as it’s clear their portion of the film was severely chopped up. I also hope that, like the Ultimate Cut of BvS, some scenes are rearranged to flow better, but that’s for another time. Here’s to hoping this added footage actually works and gives us a better idea of what David Ayer initially wanted the film to be.

Suicide Squad is set to be released on Digital HD November 15th and then on Blu-Ray and DVD December 13th.


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