Warner Bros. Is Still Trying to Convince Us ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ is Happening


Back when Robert Downey Jr. struck gold with the first Iron Man back in 2008, he also headlined another popular film, Sherlock Holmes. The film, along with it’s (superior) sequel were both critical and financial successes, but we never got a third film. Why? Well, Warner Bros. would like you to think it’s because they’re still trying to crack the script.

Per Variety, the studio, along with Downey Jr., have set up a writer’s room for the long-delayed sequel, just like Paramount did for their upcoming Transformers films. However, this case is a bit stranger, given it’s only for one film instead of a string of films like it is for Michael Bay‘s robot franchise. In a way, this is a smart move, because the writers they’ve brought on board are strong ones (Guardians of the Galaxy scribe Nicole Perlman, Baywatch scribe Justin Malen, Rogue One writer Gary Whitta, Tomb Raider screenwriter Geneva Dworet-Robertson and Snowden screenwriter Kieran Fitzgerald. That being said, that’s a lot of cooks in the kitchen.

Who knows, this move may be a smart one, where the collective group come up with a rock-solid script instead of having the film go through multiple rewrites from these writers, but without each others’ input on where they want to take the story. Either way, I’m still in awe that this film is still a thing because, if it does indeed get going beyond pre-production process, it won’t be released until at least 2018, a staggering seven years after the previous installment. I get that this project is has been important to the company for years and they’ve been patiently waiting for Downey Jr. to free his schedule after all the Marvel films he’s had lined up, but will people still be interested (or remember) this reboot series?

Time will tell, but until then, Sherlock Holmes 3 does not currently have a release date.


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