New Trailer for Netflix’s “Daredevil” Shows Off Its Mature Rating; Plus New Poster

Let's just hope it's better than Marvel's previous TV outings.
Let’s just hope it’s better than Marvel’s previous TV outings.

Marvel and Netflix have just released a new trailer for their upcoming series Daredevil, and I gotta say, I’m impressed. I’ve been on the fence about this show ever since it was announced, afraid that Marvel wouldn’t want to go “dark” now that it’s brand is reaching out not only to fans, but to kids as well. This doesn’t seem to be an issue here, as the opening seconds of the trailer show off its TV-MA rating. So it looks like we’ll be seeing some brutal action here.

Also, Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin looks fantastic. Granted, we haven’t seen too much from him so far, but he looks to be a much better villain than even the MCU feature films have been able to produce. That being said, Charlie Cox still doesn’t convince me as Matt Murdock and his costume is ugly as hell. I know that he’ll eventually wear his red suit that we all know him to wear, but that all black outfit? There’s a reason why the promotional material hasn’t focused on his costume.

Speaking of promotional material, here’s the trailer and also a new poster for the show.


All the episodes for Daredevil will be released on April 10.


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