“Taken 3” Trailer Is Already Better Than “Taken 2”


It’s safe to say that most people hated Taken 2. I for one loathed it, and told myself I’d never watch another one of them if they ever made a sequel. Well, fuck you Fox. You won. You’ve convinced me to watch Taken 3, or as the marketing calls it, Tak3n, which is something I refuse to call it. But I digress.

For one, the action looks MUCH better this time around, which is surprising considering how crappy the action scenes were in the last one and it’s from the same director, Olivier Megaton. Also, unlike Taken 2, a film that took itself way too seriously for all the stupid shit that actually happens in the film, this installment seems to have a sense of fun. Then again, I feel like a film like this shouldn’t be “fun”.

I mean, it may be a sequel, but if it wasn’t titled Taken 3, it could very easily been named something else. I mean, yeah, you could say Liam Neeson‘s innocence is “taken” this time around, but other than that and the character names, it feels like something outside of the Taken franchise. What was once a dark and sometimes sadistic thriller about a father saving his daughter from a sex trafficking ring has now turned into a generic, studio-churned action flick that thrives on PG-13 cliches and explosions. But, like I said, at least it looks fun. It’s just really strange to see how far this series has come since the original.

Taken 3 will be released January 9th, 2015.


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