“Sex Tape” Review


“Nobody understands the cloud! It’s a fucking mystery!”

At least Sex Tape isn’t the worst comedy to have come out this year (that honor goes to the dreadful Tammy). However, it is worse than this summer’s Blended, and that’s not a movie that I’d particularly call “funny” or “enjoyable”. As it stands, this raunchy comedy is at the same time too vulgar and too safe for its own good, which in turn leads to a very uneven and sometimes awkward film with some terrible writing as well.

When it comes to the acting, I don’t have much to complain about. Cameron Diaz does her best with the material she’s given and it seems like she’s having fun with her role. And I’ve always liked Jason Segel, so even though he doesn’t do much here, he’s still enjoyable. The rest if the cast does fine (it’s a comedy, you shouldn’t expect Oscar-worthy performances) and there’s one cameo later in the film that is quite a pleasant surprise. Nothing too spectacular, but I did find it to be quite funny.

And that’s where my praise towards this film ends. Sadly, there isn’t enough story here to sustain a 90-minute movie Simple as that. Alas, the filmmakers found a way to fill the time, but this leads to more time giving the audience that unneeded sentimentality that most people already hate seeing in these type of films. Usually, comedies lay on sentimentality in the last act of the film, but here, it’s everywhere. This, of course, is because there just isn’t enough story to actually tell.


Screenwriters Kate Angelo, Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller don’t even try to give us a story worth being told. And if they did, then they did a terrible job at it. The lead’s just don’t do much in the movie, that’s what the problem is. They go to their friends’ house, they go to her boss’ house and then they very briefly go to a Porn Company’s headquarters with their kids (good parenting, right?). It all just feels like a game instead of something serious and it doesn’t help that nothing really important or noteworthy happens at all in the movie. Well, there’s that twist at the end…but God, that was awful. And also a bit creepy. But mostly just awful.

Not only this, but the film just doesn’t quite know what it wants to be. From the name alone, you’d assume it’s a hard-R comedy. But,it at times feels like one of those corny love stories that you’d find on the Hallmark Channel. That is to say, this film gets a bit awkward when it shifts from a family breakfast scene to a graphic look at the couple’s porno. When someone towards the end tries to give the two advice and asks them why they love each other, they use the word “fuck” so many times to the point where it just feels like the filmmakers are messing with you. It’s kinda like they made it feel like a romantic movie for the ladies and a sexy movie for the guys, but they just failed at mashing the two together.

Overall, Sex Tape is one of those films that tries to be crazy and over-the-top, but at the same time falls for a lot of the lame romantic cliches we’re used to seeing, leading to a very awkward movie-going experience as a whole. Add to the fact that there is pretty much no story to tell, this film ends up being for no specific group of people or audience. if you’re gonna make a sex comedy, make a sex comedy. Don’t try to appeal to everyone, even if it could possibly attract more people. This is why. You end up with confused, unfocused messes like this. Except this one isn’t good period, thanks to it’s uninspired and lazy script. But hey, we got to see Cameron Diaz naked and Jason Segel hit a dog, so I guess that’s a plus…?

“If the mailman has seen my vagina, we’re moving.”


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