“Godzilla” Review


“The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control… and not the other way around.”

Oh my God(zilla)…that was awesome. This movie, to me, felt very similar to a film Steven Spielberg would have made in his heyday. Actually, it’s really similar to Jurassic Park, now that I think of it. Now, was it as good as that movie? Probably not, and I’m somewhat disappointed that they went with more of a monster showdown movie than the disaster movie that the ads had painted, But then again, I’m also thankful because it showed that you can also be dark and grim, but also have some fun as well, something that’s missing from the usual batch of blockbusters we get today.

Everyone wants to know if the action is worth it and I can easily say that it is. The film teases the titular character throughout, with snippets of the beast and his ginormous size shown in most of the film’s set-pieces, but we don’t see him and in full glory until the last act. And let me just say that it’s beautiful. Watching the film in IMAX 3D was a great choice because there were times where I was literally shaking in my seat during some of the action scenes. I would not, however, see this in 3D. It was okay because the IMAX balanced it out, but it was mostly just a distraction.


To no surprise, Bryan Cranston is the stand-out here, chewing up scenery like there’s no tomorrow as the lead’s depressed father. Whenever he’s on-screen, his presence is felt and his performance is only rivaled by the King of Monsters himself. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is not as bland or boring as everyone says, it’s just that he and his on-screen wife, Elizabeth Olsen, aren’t given much to do.

That’s really the only problem I have with this movie. No one is really developed as much as they should be. The leads, the scientists, and not even Godzilla seem to have much development, as the movie moves far too fast for its own good. But, that’s also good if you want to be entertained and on the edge of your seat, because once this movie gets on a roll, it doesn’t stop until the final frame. So, depending on what type of person you are, you will love how fast it moves along or you’ll be begging for it to slow down. I’m sort of in the middle, because I really didn’t mind that much, but if I’m gonna talk about things the film could’ve improved on, it’d be that aspect. It’s really odd because the pace of the movie is almost relentless, so when Godzilla shows up, you’ll be thinking that he’s showed up pretty early, when in reality, half of the movie has already passed.

godzilla fs

But, let’s be honest here: most of you are going in expecting a badass monster flick with some nice cinematography and spectacular special effects, and it’s safe to say that you’ll get that. The human characters aren’t unbearable or boring, even though most leave something left to be desired (save for Cranston). And even though I just said that Godzilla is teased throughout until the end, there’s…other obstacles to keep you intrigued. That’s all I’ll say.

While it’s not the “supreme blockbuster” that many seem to have deemed it, Godzilla delivers the goods. It’s pretty much the slow-burn extravaganza for this ADD generation, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. If people warm up to this and its tension-building towards the big reveal, than I think Hollywood will be more open to the idea of slowing down movies to actually set up characters and plot for a bigger payoff. Like I said, this movie moves a little too quickly to achieve that goal, but it’s a step in the right direction. Instead, it ends up being a beautiful, big budget epic that is trying to harken back to past blockbusters such as Jurassic Park and Jaws while still trying to gear itself towards modern audiences. And for the most part, it works.

“You keep telling everybody that this place is a death zone but it’s not! You’re lying, because what’s really happening is that your hiding something out there!”

Score Sheet
The Good:
*Godzilla is an absolute beast and truly marvelous to see on the big screen
*Builds up more tension towards a big reveal than most blockbusters in the past decade
*Bryan Cranston is phenomenal
*Doesn’t have annoying human characters
*Godzilla has some pretty bad breath

The Bad:
*It might have a slow build-up to its titular character, but the plot and the character deveolpment feels very rushed
*Didn’t take itself as seriously as I had wished (this could be a good or bad thing, depending on your taste)

4 out of 5


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