“Need For Speed” Review


“We’ll settle this behind the wheel.”

Aaron Paul is finally getting his big break after Breaking Bad. I think he’s a great young actor and I think he’s deserved a leading role in a movie. I just wish Need For Speed wasn’t his first. He deserves better than this.

One thing that I can say about this movie is that everyone at least seems like they’re having fun working on this, even if most of the acting is bland. The only people who go above and beyond what the dreadful script provided are Aaron Paul and Michael Keaton. Like I said earlier, Paul deserves better than this and you can tell he gives it his all, and Michael Keaton is campy and a lot of fun in his role. Sadly, he’s not in the film very often, so it’s pretty much just Aaron Paul all by himself here.

Imogen Poots, the love interest of the film, just isn’t leading actress material. Simple as that. Dominic Cooper is a very boring and one-dimensional villain and Kid Cudi is absolutely dreadful as Aaron Paul’s best friend. I like Kid Cudi’s music, but my god, his acting is abysmal. I wouldn’t be stressing this as much, but someone from my film analysis class argued that he was a good actor. He most certainly is not.


I guess I can’t blame the actors alone for the mediocre to awful performances, but also because of the script. I’m not even joking when I say that this has to be one of the most uninspired, clichéd scripts in a long time. You’ve seen this story in practically every other revenge film. The only difference is that this film has dialogue that you’d see in a typical B-movie. Some of the lines spoken in this film actually hurt me inside. Oh, and the plot makes absolutely no sense in the long run.

However, it’s not all a failure. The action, the films selling point, is pretty damn impressive, especially when you consider all the chases were actually real and not CGI. The races are tense, the cars are cool, and the crashes are explosive. The last racing sequence in particular was fun to watch, until you realize how dumb and illogical the whole situation is.


I guess if you go in with your brain turned off, you could enjoy this wannabe franchise starter, but this film is soo dumb at times that even if you go in expecting a dumb action movie (like I did), you might be disappointed by it. The film is pretty much a greatest hits video for the Fast and Furious franchise. It wants to be a serious street movie (like the earlier films in the Fast and Furious franchise), but also fun and over the top with some of its stunts (like Fast 5 or F&F 6).It has a hard time distinguishing itself from that franchise, which is what I wasn’t hoping for.

Overall, Need for Speed is a mindless and overly-long misfire that is yet another video-game adaptation that is less than satisfying. If Aaron Paul continues working in projects similar to this one, it might be hard to distinguish him from all the other young actors out there working today. And I really don’t want that to happen.

“I believe that’s Tobey Marshall, driving the chariot of the Gods.”

2 out of 5


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